COVID-19 notice to customers
COVID-19 notice to customers

Safety notice: The COVID 19 Pandemic is a once in a generation event which has affected many businesses and families. More than 2000 people a day are dying in the US and more than 250 000 have died since the pandemic began. Please read this important safety notice. We know your eyes are critically important and that you need to be able to see during this challenging time to work and provide for your family. Accordingly we will use every effort to ensure we continue to provide your contact lenses and eyeglasses in a timely way without interruption, and despite the disruption of COVID.

We rely on the information you provide to deliver contact lenses and glasses to you for which you represent and warrant that you have a current valid prescription. If you cannot get to an Eyecare practitioner due to lock down restrictions currently implemented in many cities, states, regions and provinces we will offer a one time renewal during these unprecedented times. Please also note we do offer a free online eye test where you can connect to our network of eye doctors and have your prescription updated and renewed which we provide at no cost. We also have a highly trained vision care team standing by to offer guidance to ensure proper vision correction, your healthy vision is our vision. If you ever receive a product that doesn't meet your needs we have a no questions asked return policy to ensure we get you exactly what you need every time. Please stay safe, wear a mask and do not travel unnecessarily. COVID is real.

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