How to find the best glasses for your face shape
How to find the best glasses
for your face shape

Looking to find the right pair of frames that compliment your face shape? We've built a guide to help narrow down your selection. Click an image below which most resembles your face shape for tips on how to find the right frame for you.

Glasses for Oval Shape

OVAL FACE SHAPE: Oval face shapes are considered universal face shapes, as most styles of frames work well with this shape. Thicker frames will help accentuate your features and add angles to the curvature of your face. KIT's tip: look for frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face (which is around your eyes). Try filtering by: square, rectangle, or geometric.

Oval Shape Face
Oakley Currency
Cynthia Rowley CR 6020
Betsey Johnson BJ 092
Betsey Johnson BJ 105
Cynthia Rowley CR 5029
London Fog LF 516
Cynthia Rowley CR 5024

Glasses for Round Shape

ROUND FACE SHAPE: Round faces are generally the same width from the jaw to the brow, characterised by smooth and soft curves. Frames that are wider, angular and bold will help by creating an illusion that the face is longer and thinner by breaking up the structure of the face. KITS tip: opt for frames that are angular and geometric and avoid round shapes. Try filtering by rectangle, D frame, or square.

Round Shape Face
Cynthia Rowley CR 5003
Superdry Renegade
Chloe CE2728
London Fog LF 573

Glasses for Square Shape

SQUARE FACE SHAPE: Square face shapes are characterised by a straight line from the forehead to the jaw. Round frames will help compliment and balance the bold features of a square face. KITS tip: ensure the width of slightly wider than your cheekbones. Try filtering by: round, oval, or modified round.

Square Shape Face
Cynthia Rowley CR 6021
Superdry Holly
Betsey Johnson BJ 0131
Ray-Ban RX7140
Chloe CE2142

Glasses for Heart Shape

HEART FACE SHAPE: Heart face shapes are characterised as being widest at the brow, followed by high cheekbones and a narrowing towards the jaw. Frames that are slightly wider than the forehead will help draw attention away from a narrower chin. KITS tip: opt for frames that are round, light in colour, or rimless. Try filtering by: round, oval, aviator, or modified round.

Heart Shape Face
Ranger Sun
Cynthia Rowley CR 6018
Cynthia Rowley CR 6021
Superdry Holly
Ray-Ban RX3447V
Gucci GG0219O
Tom Ford FT5401

Glasses for Triangle Shape

TRIANGLE FACE SHAPE: Triangle face shapes are actually characterised as inverted triangles, with a wider top portion of the face which narrows toward the chin area. Bold colours and fun shapes will help add width and accent the upper portion of the face. KITS tip: try searching for frames with heavily accented color or detailing on the top half. Try filtering by: cat eye, or rectangle.

Triangle Shape Face
Gucci GG0213O
Tom Ford FT5510
Chloe CE2701A
Oakley Socket 5.5
Tom Ford FT5313
Gucci GG0018OA